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Monthly Savings Update – April 2015

I’m totally late on this monthly update, but here it goes! My old 401k is now rolled over to my traditional IRA and will have a new 401k with Prudential starting soon at my new job.


I’m pleased to report that I’m up by $1,700 and have not touched savings during my unemployment! Since receiving my last paycheck in early March, I’ve continued my automatic deposits into my Roth IRA and savings account for property tax. Once I start getting paychecks again, I will resume my other automatic savings deposits and a big, fat 401k withholding!

A few fun activities before rejoining the workforce

IMG_3269As this was the last week of my unemployment (I start my new job on Tuesday), I figured I’d try to squeeze in some last minute fun activities.

I trekked up to Simi Valley, home of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, on Monday. I got to walk through the 40th president’s awesome 80’s Air Force One and President Johnson’s Marine One helicopter. They also had an exact replica of Reagan’s White House Oval Office (yes, there were several jars of jelly beans), a section of the Berlin Wall, and a vintage car exhibit. Not a bad way to spend a gorgeous, sunny day. It was a bit crowded due to spring break, but I managed to get some quiet time on a bench for a picnic lunch of Easter leftovers.

Also this week, I went up to the Griffith Observatory with my sister, nephew, and niece. Another beautiful day of exploring. The kids particularly liked the Tesla Coil demonstration and the scales that told us how much we would weigh on each planet. In the afternoon, we battled some east-bound LA traffic to Pasadena for a visit to the “literary landmark” known as Vroman’s Bookstore.

And finally, today was a last-minute addition to end my week with a good workout! Earlier in the week, a friend who was running the Hollywood Half Marathon emailed me looking for some company to the event.  I’ve run many half marathons before, but am not up to the task right now, so I opted for the 10K. The 6am start was a bit rough, but it ended up being a great race for me! I finished in exactly one hour (9:45 average pace for 6.24 miles), which makes me very happy!

The hunt is finally over!

13978210945_11e5cd4fd5_zIt took several weeks longer than I had originally hoped, but I am very happy to report that my job hunt is now complete after 13 weeks! This kitty has bagged her prey and is now relishing in the glory of the kill. After a week of stress and contemplation, I have accepted the position at the VFX studio here in Los Angeles.

I had quite an emotional week since receiving both offers and did some significant introspection before making the choice. On one hand, I could stay in the home/city I love, keep my social circle close, and start a busy, stable job in a new field with good benefits. On the other hand, I could explore another country for a year, make new friends, and get promoted in my current field. Both would be awesome opportunities for me. So how could I possibly choose just one?

When all was said and done, I had to stick with my gut. I noticed that every time I started seriously considering the international move, I would get nervous and feel stressed. But for nearly a week, I tried to deny my true feelings and I let the opinions of others influence me. In my heart, I knew I didn’t want to leave my home, but I was annoyed at myself for feeling that way. I wanted to be the “adventurous” person who would be thrilled to pack up and explore a foreign city. I was ignoring my feelings, trying to convince myself that I wanted this move. Simply put, I was trying to be someone I am not. How lame is that?

Upon this realization, I was immediately relieved and ready to move on with my life. It felt so good to be out of limbo-land and back into a reality that I’m happy in. I contacted the recruiter with my acceptance and am scheduled to start working in about a week! I’m nervous and excited to get started in this field, meet tons of new people, and bring home even more bacon! My next step is to chose my health insurance and 401k options. I’m happy to report that the 401k has a match up to 3.75% of my salary! That’s almost double the match at my last job.

Over the past 13 weeks, my job hunt connected me with about 25 companies. I had 11 interviews (in person and phone calls), which resulted in 2 offers on the same day. This has been an challenging adventure that I hope not to repeat any time soon (but if I had to, I’d kick ass). Now I have one more week to live it up before re-entering the work force. Woot!

(Image: Tambako)