A few fun activities before rejoining the workforce

IMG_3269As this was the last week of my unemployment (I start my new job on Tuesday), I figured I’d try to squeeze in some last minute fun activities.

I trekked up to Simi Valley, home of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, on Monday. I got to walk through the 40th president’s awesome 80’s Air Force One and President Johnson’s Marine One helicopter. They also had an exact replica of Reagan’s White House Oval Office (yes, there were several jars of jelly beans), a section of the Berlin Wall, and a vintage car exhibit. Not a bad way to spend a gorgeous, sunny day. It was a bit crowded due to spring break, but I managed to get some quiet time on a bench for a picnic lunch of Easter leftovers.

Also this week, I went up to the Griffith Observatory with my sister, nephew, and niece. Another beautiful day of exploring. The kids particularly liked the Tesla Coil demonstration and the scales that told us how much we would weigh on each planet. In the afternoon, we battled some east-bound LA traffic to Pasadena for a visit to the “literary landmark” known as Vroman’s Bookstore.

And finally, today was a last-minute addition to end my week with a good workout! Earlier in the week, a friend who was running the Hollywood Half Marathon emailed me looking for some company to the event.  I’ve run many half marathons before, but am not up to the task right now, so I opted for the 10K. The 6am start was a bit rough, but it ended up being a great race for me! I finished in exactly one hour (9:45 average pace for 6.24 miles), which makes me very happy!

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