Account Intro: ESPP Shareholder

5144677794_f2c1ae6e10_oMy previous employer was a large, international television/film studio who had an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). It’s been nearly 8 years since I left, so I don’t recall the details of how the company stocks were purchased. I got some kind of discount – either I paid full price for shares with pre-tax money from payroll deduction, or I just got a cheaper price.  Here’s the rundown:

  • $93.23 current share value
  • $3,142 total in account

This is an account that I rarely check and plan to let sit until I feel the need to do something great to it. I almost forgot I had it! Fortunately, I linked it to my Personal Capital account and it get’s tracked there to keep it on my financial radar.

So that completes my “Account Intro” post series! All of my financial info is out there for you to enjoy and hopefully learn from. It’s not perfect, but it’s my tiny empire that I’m very proud of! I plan to regularly give status updates as I get closer to my goal of HALF A MILLION!

Next up: Digging myself out of student loans

(Image: Calita Kabir)

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