Annual podcast round-up

8039277170_4233330218_zIt’s been a year since first posting about all the podcasts I so enjoy listening to. As my life changes (interests, moods, peeves) over time, so does the selection of shows in which I regularly partake. I find it interesting that all the podcasts I now listen to could be placed into just three categories: personal finance, lifestyle, and health/fitness. Looking back at last year, I’ve dropped all my podcasts about running, movies, and pop culture. With so many great shows popping up every week, a girl has to prioritize!

Before we even get to the shows, an important aspect of enjoying podcasts is how you listen.  I made a recent change to my app of choice.  I noticed that Stitcher was getting buggy, occasionally didn’t offer shows I wanted to add, and it was getting difficult to manage my ever-increasing number of shows. Though frightening at first, it turned out to be a good call once I discovered Overcast. The app is free, it has all the shows I want, and it’s easy for me to find and maneuver to the latest unplayed episodes. I also love the easily-accessible 30 second fast forward button (that I couldn’t use from my iPhone Control Center via Stitcher). And now, on to the shows!

Personal Finance:
  • Brian Preston’s “Money Guy” – Brian is a likable host of this twice monthly show. Not super exciting, but good topics explained clearly in his adorable drawl.
  • The Dough Roller Money Podcast – I prefer Rob’s interview episodes. It can get a bit dry when he’s on his own, but good financial food for thought.
  • Financial Independence Podcast – You blog readers might’ve heard of the “Mad Fientist”. He only puts out a show every few months, but they’re worth the wait.
  • Jill on Money – I like hearing specific advice to caller questions, as well as the guests Jill has on each show.
  • Listen Money Matters – I gave this one up for many months, but recently picked it back up. Topics are occasionally dumbed-down too much, but I have learned from several episodes. Their “Five Questions” advice is unimpressive.
  • M.O.N.E.Y – I really like J. Money and Paula together. Their differing backgrounds offer a good combination of experience and advice. Paula makes me want to go out and buy apartment buildings!
  • So Money with Farnoosh Torabi – I’ve been listening to Farnoosh since day one of the podcast. She’s a skilled interviewer and lands some fascinating guests. I don’t know how she does it five days a week!
  • Stacking Benjamins – This is an old work horse of mine. Joe and O.G. rarely disappoint with good guests, roundtables, and goofy comedy.
  • The Art of Charm – This one’s not just for the fellas! Jordan is quick and honest in his interviews. I love how he can hack through any B.S.
  • Death, Sex, and Money – Is often unexpected and brutally honest.
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin – Sisters Gretchen and Elizabeth are great together. They offer some fun life practices (amongst too many commercials).
  • The Lively Show – This one is newer to me and has interesting lifestyle topics so far.
  • The Minimalists Podcast – I dig Josh and Ryan’s message. Smart and well-written. Now go out and get rid of all your stuff!
  • Balanced Bites – Diane and Liz are fun in their talk of real food nutrition.
  • Bulletproof Radio – This old staple of mine continues to explode in popularity, although I’m not too interested in some recent topics (such as neurogenesis and alternative medicine).
  • The Fat-Burning Man Show – Worth a listen just for Abel’s deep voice! But of course, he also has good conversations on health, food, and fitness.
  • Harder to Kill Radio – Steph is smart and has a cool body-positive message.
  • Latest in Paleo – Angelo brings a smart perspective to a very well-researched weekly show on what’s happening in the food/health world.
  • The Paleo Women Podcast – Stefani and Noelle answer listener questions in a fun and authentic way.
  • The Primal Blueprint Podcast – Mark Sisson is a legend in the “paleosphere”. I prefer the interview episodes and often skip the shorter article narrations.
  • Robb Wolf: The Paleo Solution Podcast – Robb is genuine, funny, and has some great guests.
  • The Tim Ferriss Show – I don’t think I need to say much about this one. It’s so popular for a reason. Tim gets amazing guests and is skilled at digging in deep for the good stuff.

Wow! That’s a whole lot of podcasts (22 to be exact). But each one brings me entertainment, knowledge, and has replaced most of my television watching. I’m always looking for new recommendations, so feel free to send them my way in the comments.

Happy listening.

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