Bimonthly Savings Update – January 2017

Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting my blog, which has been going strong for two years now! I wish you a 2017 filled with laughter, kindness, and success (with plenty of restful sleep in between).

And now on to the money stuff. Investments have been steadily growing for the past two months since the presidential election, so all accounts are up. I don’t know how long this gravy train will last and am not terribly concerned. I’ll continue to play the long game with good old fashioned dollar-cost averaging. I like things simple.

You may notice, however, that my Salem Five savings took a hit. That was to pay for my fabulous Thailand vacation in December. I’ve got an automatic transfer for $400 a month into that account, so it will bounce back in no time (along with a bit of belt tightening in the new year).

Home value: $390,234

Current net worth: $353,300

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