Bimonthly Savings Update – March 2016

You may have noticed that it’s been two whole months since my last savings update. After a year of tracking monthly, I feel the practice required too much of my attention on the numbers. I’m in this for the long haul and I don’t want to spend so much time watching (and potentially worrying about) the normal fluctuations that occur when investing. So I’m taking a step back and will now update bimonthly to see how that feels.

Having changed jobs in December, I just made the call to roll over the old 401k into my traditional IRA (which is still in progress). I’m now contributing 18% to my new 401k and have added it to my accounts below. Overall, I’m down a bit from the beginning of the year. I am happy to report that I’ll receive a nice windfall in the coming weeks between my tax return refund and a bonus at work! Nearly all of that will be saved, but I’m still figuring out how to allocate that money.


Home value: $391,150

Current net worth: $310,994

3 thoughts on “Bimonthly Savings Update – March 2016

  1. I do mine quarterly. I think that helps with a bigger picture of where I’m headed. (Kind of like companies do)

    1. Nice! Quarterly is a good next step if I feel like every other month is still too often. It can be a fine line between keeping an eye on things and getting too wrapped up in the ups and downs!

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