Bimonthly Savings Update – March 2017

This bull market just keeps rolling merrily along, doesn’t it? My net worth has increased by $12,000 in two months (and that doesn’t include any change to my home value). I’d like to say that I’m pleased, but all of this up, up, up must eventually come down. Anticipation of that is keeping me from gleefully running naked down my street. But I won’t take any action. When prices rise, my money buys less; when they fall, it buys more. I keep reminding myself to leave it all alone and let time do it’s thang.

In other news, I’m anxiously awaiting a change to my employer 401k due to our acquisition last year. Word on the street that my measly 2% match will jump up to more than 4%! Hooray for that happening in April.

I also received a tax refund this week! Majority of it is being used to pay the second installment of my annual property taxes. Terribly sensible, I know. But that prevents me from drawing from my savings account as I build it back up after my New Years trip to Thailand and upcoming jaunt to Italy. That makes my checking account inflated at the moment (which is not reflected below). That excess will be transferred into my Roth IRA or Salem Five this month.

Home value: $389,392

Current net worth: $365,362

4 thoughts on “Bimonthly Savings Update – March 2017

  1. Another advantage to your employer match increasing is they will probably elect the safe harbor provisions when matches equal 3%, or higher. If they do then the higher earning employees, which hopefully includes you some day, won’t have to see limits placed on their contributions that Erisa requires when lower earning employees don’t participate in the plan as much as the top earners do. For many years I wasn’t allowed to max out many 401k because of that until my company decided to go safe harbor. Although I just put the money in other investments I lost the tax benefits. So there might be an added benefit for you if you can climb the career ladder at work.

  2. If you do not mind me suggesting; when you post an update of your portfolios current value, show a comparison to the previous period.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Lee. I had considered that, but never implemented. I keep my tracking pretty loose (but my numbers are accurate, of course), so I don’t start sweating all those inevitable ups and downs (downs in particular). I try to keep my view big-picture. I’ll take another look for my next bimonthly update.

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