Bimonthly Savings Update – May 2016

It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve checked in on my numbers. I’m happy to see some tangible progress! The 401k from my former job is now all rolled over safely into my IRA and my new 401k is going strong at 18% contribution rate (plus 2% employer match).

The biggest gain in the last two months is from the rebound of my IRA. Vanguard reports a market loss of more than $6,000 back in February, but patience wins out and I’m now back in the black! Other strong contributors are my previously mentioned 401k, as well the move of applying a majority of my March windfall to savings.

You might notice that I haven’t finished transferring my online savings from Capital One to Salem Five. I’ve been slow on this task and will wrap it up this week. But I do plan to keep the former account open, just in case they get more competitive with interest rates next year and I want to move some funds back.


Home value: $397,900

Current net worth: $334,060

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