Bimonthly Savings Update – November 2016

Just when you thought I may have disappeared forever, I’m back with another savings update! For the last several months, my creative blogging juices have dried up. I was questioning where to go with this project and if it’s worth my time and effort.

Then yesterday, right after my morning meditation (which I’ll tell you more about in a later post), I got inspiration on some new ideas and decided to shit (and not get off the pot)! Future posts will not likely be weekly, but they will keep coming on topics related to money, health, and living my best life. How awesome is that?!

So let’s get back on track with this update! I’m a bit surprised that my investment accounts are down a bit since September, but my overall savings amount, home value, and net worth have minutely changed. My main emergency savings recently took a dip due to paying my property taxes.


Home value: $389,020

Current net worth: $341,796

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