Capsule Wardrobe Recap

15724789438_3e9d43de5b_zI’ve now completed my one month experiment of wearing a capsule wardrobe. Overall, it was a positive experience and pretty easy to maintain for just four weeks. If I were to do it for a full three months (as Project 333 suggests), I might go a little nuts. But I think the more capsules I procure and wear, the more adept I will become at selecting those versatile clothing items that help me feel fabulous week after week.

What was great:
  • Picking an outfit each morning was much more simple. I cleared out half of my huge closet so I only had capsule items readily available to me. I placed every item on a hanger (I usually keep sweaters and tanks in drawers) so I could see everything at once and easily visualize what I could put together.
  • I saved time in my morning routine. Basically, I rotated my bottom pieces from day to day and just picked one or two top pieces to layer with it. Shoe selection came easily, as they all worked with my pants and skirt. Since I work in an office, I didn’t have to consider the weather much. If rain was in the forecast, I’d be sure to wear a jacket and avoid suede shoes.
  • As expected, no one seemed to notice that I wore the same items repeatedly week after week. This might have been different had I continued for two more months.
  • I went out of my comfort zone a bit on the days I wore the skirt. It felt good to get out of the jeans rut from time to time.
What wasn’t so great:
  • My capsule is comprised mainly of black and grey pieces. This felt drab by the last week.
  • I don’t love either of my jeans and didn’t feel spectacular wearing them so often.
  • The weather warmed up to the high 70s in the last week. I didn’t like being stuck with only boots or sneakers, so I pulled out sandals for a few days.
  • The only item I never wore was a beige/cream striped top. I found that it’s asymmetric cut doesn’t layer well underneath jackets or sweaters.
  • I’d like to report that the urge to purchase new clothes alluded me this month, but that isn’t so. Having the capsule did not magically kill my desire for new items (as I hoped it would).
  • Although I love black and grey, I’d like to figure out how to incorporate more color into my capsule. I expect that to give it more longevity.
  • I wore the black and white striped top backwards and it was so cute! This was inspired by Carrie Simple, who turns dresses around in her capsule to get second looks from them. Never would’ve thought of that on my own!
  • I stumbled across Frock Around the Clock blog and was impressed! Elizabeth wore the same black dress every day for a year! I can’t even imagine.

The final verdict on my capsule wardrobe? Thumbs up! It was super interesting to try out. Moving into February, I’m going to modify it by removing a couple of items that underperformed and adding a few things that I miss. This will take me over 33 items, but that’s A-OK in my book. There are no strict rules to live or die by. I’m just going to do what feels right.

No capsule wardrobe blog post would be complete without pictures of the outfits! Here’s a collection of snapshots for your viewing pleasure.

(Image: shin7d)

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