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4585752122_b72b8a3ab6_oI’ve been feeling pretty dang professional as of late. Per the recommendation of the “Outplacement Workshops” I took when laid off, I decided that business cards would be a good investment. The film biz in LA is small and schmoozy; networking is required and can sometimes be quite fun! Just last year, everyone at my studio received a big box of personal business cards, which no one ever really uses. Mine went in the recycle bin upon my termination (after handing out a few in jest on my last day of work).

I heard that Vistaprint had good quality cards at low costs, so I quickly played around with some of their more modern templates. It was super easy to create lots of options.  However, when I showed them to a few of my artist coworkers, they said that the designs were a bit too flashy. As a manager, they should be simpler and more classy. I trust their judgement and had the good fortune of my dear friend (brilliant artist) volunteering to take a whack at a design! Two days later, he had a couple of options for me. The winning design is gorgeous, elegant, and features my initials as the background.


I included my name, profession (I chose “Production Management”), cell phone, email, and LinkedIn path and extended the blue to the back of the card, which should look just a wee bit fancier. I simply uploaded the complete PhotoShop file to Vistaprint and was ready to go!  250 premium cards on recycled paper are on their way to me as we speak. Total cost was about $40, including a 40% discount and the slowest shipping.

My other ultra-professional endeavor last week was to create my own personal website. This is the third website I’ve created, all of which have been pretty simple and template-based. When I bought, I also picked up my full name (but had to add a hyphen since first plus last was taken). So since I already paid for the domain and I have lots of free time, I sat down late one evening and got all caught up in it for several hours!

I decided to use my cool business card graphic as a theme/logo for the site, but had to do some simple modification in PhotoShop (which is all I’m capable of) to make it work best with a design template. Here are the pages I’m starting with:

  • HOME: Introductory page with my picture and a few words about me and my work.
  • WORK: I made a gallery of the feature films I worked on with links to their IMDB pages. I also include my resume (with phone number removed).
  • TRAVEL: I thought it would be fun to include some photos of my favorite vacations and running events (Africa, Peru, Paris, Berlin, Switzerland).
  • CONTACT: This has my new professional email address and a link to my LinkedIn page. I included a contact form for anyone who wants to use that, but I don’t really think it’s necessary.
  • I also have little icon links to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Email at the top of each page in the logo.

I think the site looks super snazzy! I sent the link to my designer friend and he was impressed! I don’t have the site on my business cards, but that’s OK for now. All of the information is on LinkedIn and I haven’t quite decided how to use the site. The whole thing cost about $10 for the domain (got it during a 50% off holiday sale) and another $49 for one year of basic hosting. It’s a good investment that I can now just update or adjust as my needs change. I’m glad that the more time consuming work of just getting it set up is behind me.

I also should mention my new email address. My personal gmail account name was kind of goofy, so I created a new account with my full name and “.pm” added to it (for “production management”) since my full name is already taken. The old address has been sent out on my resumes for the last month, so that one still gets a lot of action. The transition to the new address will be a little slow. I should’ve done this earlier.

So my mini business empire has grown exponentially in the past week! How exciting. World domination will come shortly.

(Image: BFLV)

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