Happy birthday blog!

5778276225_612b742461_zToday marks the one year birthday of my first 10years2halfmil post! I suppose it might better be considered an anniversary, but cats don’t wear funny hats for anniversaries, now do they?

Some introspection

I find it so interesting that I started this blog just a month before getting laid off from a job I loved. Since that shake up, I’ve had such a significant year in my professional life. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. This blog has been a journal of my thoughts and feelings during a challenging period in my life. It’s given me more purpose when I was unemployed, a place to gripe when I was miserable at work, and acted as a creative outlet unlike any I’ve had before. Who knew that yammering on about my life to everyone (or no one) could give me back so much?!

Financial progress

This wouldn’t be a proper personal finance blog without a snapshot of the progress I’ve made over the past 12 months. So here ya go!

Initially, I was disappointed to only see a $17,510 bump up in my savings after a whole year. But taking into consideration that I was unemployed for a month and a half, I suppose it’s not too shabby. It’s in the ballpark of 20-25% of my gross annual income, after all. I’m on track, but could stand to ramp it up to make a bigger impact in the coming year.

I’ve been tracking my net worth on the blog since June, so here’s a graph of my progress:


That’s an increase of more than $36k in five months! It was exciting to cross the $300k mark; I even got an email from Personal Capital congratulating me on the accomplishment…too funny. The rising value of my condo was a significant part of this growth and I expect that to slow down in 2016. Maybe I can reach $350k by this time next year?

Where to go from here

I recently forked over hosting fees for another year, so you’re not getting rid of me just yet. And to my utter surprise and pleasure, I accepted a new job just a few days ago! Who would’ve guessed that two weeks after my blog’s first birthday, I’d be returning to the studio that laid me off less than a year ago? HA! Turns out that a new project is in need of production staff and the producer (who I previously worked with) wants me to be part of the team. My 2+ hour daily commute will shrivel down to 20 minutes and I’ll be back working with people I really like on projects that are meaningful to me. Things sure are looking up.

In blog year two, I plan to expand topics to more than personal finance. I’d like to include more posts related to living a healthier lifestyle, which will likely include:

  • Healthful food and recipes
  • Working out (mainly running, cycling, and weight training)
  • Minimizing stress
  • Maximizing sleep
  • Kicking more ass in life

These are priorities in my own life and I’d like to share my discoveries and strategies with you all along the way. Here’s to another successful year!

(Image: Jessica Fiess-Hill)

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