Job Hunt Week 1 Recap

474679387_606dfeb07d_bIt’s Saturday and the end of my first week of official job hunting. I will say that it’s been quite successful! I submitted a resume and letter in response to two website job postings; one at a major software company and the other with a local stereo film conversion studio. I think the assistance of my two recruiters is a huge help. I received quick replies from both companies. In addition, I received emails from a video game company and a local stop-motion animation studio expressing interest, in reaction to the recruiters’ referral.

On Wednesday, I had my first phone interview with one of the software company’s hiring managers. This seemed to go well and I moved on to another call the following day with the specific position’s hiring manager. I was very nervous for this call, since I feel that the job is somewhat high profile and more technical than my previous gig. I spent several hours researching the company and specific software package, which seemed to pay off. The call went much better than I anticipated. I’m now waiting to hear back if I make it to the next step, which is for an in-person interview next week.

On Thursday, I had a terrific meeting and tour with the local animation studio. It’s a smallish company and I’m excited about the prospect of learning a whole new facet of animation. I’ve had lots of experience at major Los Angeles studios and I think that getting more responsibility at a small studio would be a great learning experience and benefit to my career track. It’s also three miles from my house!! They expect to have an additional position opening up in the coming weeks and I was sure to tell them of my interest (although I’m very curious about pay scale and benefits).

I was also contacted by that stereo conversion studio about coming in for an interview next week, which I am waiting for time confirmation. By Friday, I was feeling so pleased with my progress that I treated myself to a big, juicy burger at The Counter, which really hit the spot! Now time for some fun and relaxation this weekend before hitting the ground running for week 2.

(Image: Eirik Newth)

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