Job Hunt Week 11 Recap

2835089412_e05cbff756_zNegotiations continued this week with the recruiter from the VFX studio. As of Friday, I had given her a salary range based on an initial 3-month freelance trial period they require. On Monday however, I received an email asking if I’d be interested in a staff position at a lower salary but with full benefits. I told her I would be and requested that the salary be bumped up a bit from the number she estimated. She replied that my request was reasonable, she would discuss with HR, and get back to me ASAP. On Friday night, she emailed that they are working out “logistics” with HR on upcoming hiring and she should know more next week. I’m cool with this, as it gives me a little more time with the interview process for the Vancouver film.

Speaking of the Vancouver gig, I had my second phone interview on Tuesday! This was with the Line Producer of the film, who is also the co-owner of the Canadian studio. She was very nice and gave me some good details about the small studio and the project. The film is already about 20% animated and they don’t have quite enough production staff to cover all departments and report regularly to the executives of the financing studios. I think the job is right up my alley; I could fill in any gaps in the back-end shot departments, help with delivering to Post, and work some Excel magic in reporting progress down to Los Angeles. The potential move to Canada would be a huge undertaking, but I think I could make it work and have a good time. A huge priority for me is to be sure I understand all of the financial aspects of such a move and ensure that it’s a smart choice. I’m now waiting to hear back if an additional call is needed with the Production Manager of the film. There is also the potential for them to fly me up to Vancouver to meet the staff, which I would very much like to do. Spending a day (or two) in the city before deciding to move would be super helpful and fun.

In other news, I received an email from a recruiter at Netflix on Monday. I had been referred to her by a couple of people and she wanted to chat about a Content Operations Coordinator position. We set up a call for Thursday and I spent some time reviewing their Netflix Culture Deck, which is quite an inspiring and intimidating document! I recommend checking it out; it sounds too good to be true in some ways. In the end, it made me very excited about working there, but very nervous about the interview process. When the call happened, I told the recruiter about my experience and what I was looking for. It became clear to me that the position wasn’t quite right, which was hard to say in an interview! But she understood and we agreed to keep in touch if any positions opened up that are closer to my skill set and interests. I found it difficult to voluntarily take myself out of the running for a job, but I’m confident that it was a good call. I just wish I figured it out sooner and spared myself several hours of research and nervousness in the days before the call! Live and learn.

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