Job Hunt Week 12 Recap

14474589697_8c4ac8575f_zAs I started writing last night, I was all ready to make this the final post in my job hunt series. I received two job offers this week, the first was for a staff position at the VFX studio on the west side of LA and the other was for the animated feature being produced in Vancouver BC. I spent many hours weighing the pros and cons of each job (oh yes, I have spreadsheets), thought long and hard about a potential international move, and spoke to a few friends about my thoughts on the positions.

I decided to accept the staff job in Los Angeles, mainly for its stability and my desire to stay local with my friends and family. But before I could call the recruiter to give her the news, I got a call from the co-producer of the Vancouver film (who I am really growing to like) inviting me to a public preview on Monday night. She said this would give me an opportunity to see the movie and meet the leadership team, which is true. However, I think what it really gives is HER a better chance to win me over by introducing me to the star/writer of the film and enticing me with salary and benefits. And to be honest, she might be successful.

Both jobs seem like great opportunities and I would be very happy at either place, which is precisely why this choice is so hard! On paper, the LA job seems like such a safe bet, but am I brave enough to leave my comfort zone and jump into a gig that lets me try out living in a great city for a year, make more money, and just take a freaking risk?! Am I too anal-retentive and practical to take the more frightening opportunity and see where it leads? I hope not, but I might be. It’s so easy to get comfortable and ease into a routine that can be hard to get out of. I needed my last job to let me go in order to move on from that. Now, do I need that extra push from the co-producer to get me into that job? Likely.

As this is mainly a personal finance blog, I’ll add that the biggest issue of the Vancouver move is ensuring my complete understanding of the financial ramifications. This includes income taxes, retirement savings, Canadian health care, day-to-day banking, transferring funds to the US, can I bring my car, can I keep my cell phone, and all those other little money things that aren’t as big of a deal when you stay within the US. If I can spend an hour with a knowledable person on such matters, it will help me immensely in making this call. I will find a way to make that happen.

So I have held off the LA studio until Tuesday. I expect to decide my fate on that day…

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