Job Hunt Week 2 Recap

262876631_aba7b25069_oMy second week of job hunting is now complete and I’d say that there was less action overall, but I still got a lot accomplished.

I think my interview at the local 3D conversion studio went well. They didn’t seem too concerned about my resume/experience, but more about meeting me to see if I’d be a good fit with their company. The position is very comparable to my former job, so I don’t think the transition would be too difficult. However, they have a very busy season (Spring/Summer) and a very low season (Fall/Winter), which creates periods of long hours with no additional compensation followed by a potential layoff until work picks up again. That aspect of the job is the most worrisome to me. They anticipate the opening coming available in the next month or so; I will wait to see if they contact me!

I was also contacted by a video game company (via a Recruiter email they received), but it’s pretty far from home (over an hour in LA traffic). Also, most video game companies want their employees to be big into games, which I am not. In my correspondence with their recruiter, he suggested that I download and play their primary game and see if I can’t get in touch with my inner game geek. I think that sounds like a pretty good research project for next week!!

A majority of my week was occupied by attending three “outplacement workshops” sponsored by my current employer. Not only are these classes a good opportunity to beef up my hunting skills, but it also got me out of the house and onto campus where I could hang out with lots of my friends and former coworkers. I got free lunches in the commissary, too!

The classes themselves were at times tedious and a little boring, but overall I expect them to help me. The time discussing how to negotiate salary/benefits was interesting, as well as how to best utilize LinkedIn in our search. I received a workbook that I should give a more in-depth review of next week, as we skimmed over much of the details since we only had nine hours total.

On Monday, I need to review the job listing email I was supposed to receive from the Recruiting Department (need to bug someone about that, first) so I can send out another round of resumes. I have four more weeks of pay (and the option to extend it by three more weeks of my unused vacation), so the clock is ticking, but not too loudly yet.

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