Job Hunt Week 3 Recap

3140879217_a772f9d495_bJob hunt week #3 is in the bag. This was a less eventful week comparatively, but a few steps were taken in the right direction.

I took Monday off for MLK Day and went for a long bike ride (27 miles) with a work friend. I also caught one of my favorite classic films, Sunset Boulevard, which was being screened at a movie theatre here in LA. Love it!!

Tuesday morning I dove straight into the job listing digest that was finally emailed to me by a coordinator in the Recruiting dept. of my employer. I found a handful of relevant positions, but only one that I felt strong enough about to submit for. This is a higher level job than my last (Senior Producer), so I spent several hours honing an amazing cover letter for this thing! Ugh. Tedious, but worth it I hope. The job is across town (at least a 45-minute commute from my condo), but I figure that I shouldn’t let that stop me from cool opportunities. I REALLY don’t want that long of a drive every day, but if the pay is considerably more, it would make the blow easier to take.

That evening, I received a message via Facebook from a former coworker (and friend) who is now in the television division of my studio. She heard I was available and wanted to refer me to a guy she has worked with at a major streaming content provider who is looking for Account Specialists. The job posting sounds very relatable to my current position, just in a different delivery method. I’m pretty excited about this opportunity. The culture at the company seems to be great and I’ve heard good things about them recently. The main office is in Beverly Hills (a long drive), but I wonder if it might require travel to the “accounts”, which could be close to my home (I live near several major film and television studios). Email with resume sent to him on Wednesday, reply received Friday, my reply sent Saturday confirming I am interested! He offered to “pass my resume along”, which is awesome. Getting such a direct referral is THE BEST WAY TO GET A JOB! If it works out, I’ll have to buy my friend something pretty.

The last nugget of the week was not gold…maybe a tacky brass. I heard back from the recruiter of the big software company that I didn’t make it to the next stage of interviews. This is disappointing news, but I honestly wasn’t super confident that I’d get the gig. She mentioned that they received a lot of applicants and my history with the software is limited. The wife of one of my closest work friends is also interviewing for it! I haven’t heard if she’s still in the running – if so, I wish her luck! They have a 1 year old baby and the working from home aspect could be great for her.

Also happening this week was the announcement that my studio is laying off hundreds more workers in the coming months and shutting down a whole division. NOT GOOD. So I suppose I was just an early, small wave in this major restructuring project happening in 2015. Yikes. This isn’t great for our industry and all those people who will be in the same position as me.

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