Job Hunt Week 4 Recap

9378727402_8198258d13_kIt’s hard to believe that it’s been four weeks since I started by search for a new, fabulous job. Time sure does fly when you don’t have to go to work and can do pretty much whatever you want! It’s not so bad…until the paychecks stop, right? I’ve got two more weeks until that happens, plus three weeks of vacation that I could tack on, if needed. I’m not sweating over it just yet.

The week started out with that referral for a major streaming content company. Having confirmed that I’m interested, I received a reply from my contact that he will send my info along and I should officially submit via their job listing webpage. After a few glitches, I sent my LinkedIn profile (rather than my resume) for the Account Specialist position. That was Tuesday and I haven’t heard anything back yet. I will send a follow up email to my contact early next week.

Also on Tuesday, I received a message via LinkedIn from an old coworker from my previous job (like 8 years ago). He’s at a VFX studio on the westside of LA and they are looking for Department Managers. The next day, I connected with their recruiter and I have an interview set up for next Thursday afternoon with some of their producers. How nice to get another referral!

The love doesn’t stop there. I received an email on Wednesday from a small studio in LA that does pretty innovative work in film, commercials, and other media. They received my name from my employer’s recruiters and are looking for a commercial/advertising producer. I replied with some requested details about what I do at my current job and how it would translate well into their world. I haven’t heard back yet; I will follow up with her next week.

Thursday brought an email from the executive producer of some MAJOR animated features! She got my name from a VFX studio that I’ve never worked for…I assume it was somehow through the reverse recruiting. We met for coffee the next day and I was quite surprised at how easy she was to talk to. She was delightful and we seemed to really hit it off. The job is only for ten weeks to start, which will be spent managing the creation of 2D and CG artwork as proof of concept for an animated film. It will be presented to a major LA studio, who she says is already excited about the project.

If the film gets green-lit, the job would be extended for the duration of production. This seems to me like a pretty special opportunity that I managed to luck into. The thought of freelancing is awesome (more freedom and independence than being an employee of a studio), but also a bit scary (more unstable and needing to job hunt more often). I have a feeling that it will be well-paid, but I may have to get my own health insurance, etc. If I get offered the job, I will delve deeper into the financial aspect of switching to a freelance lifestyle in a post.

(Image: Kim)

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