Job Hunt Week 5 Recap

7454725100_370fcc8392_oMy fifth week of job hunting has ended with a mix of good and bad; I’m feeling a bit frustrated by it all. My interview at a west side VFX studio on Thursday went well, ending with the recruiter’s request to email my salary requirements. In my research of salary negotiations, I frequently read that it’s better to let the company lead with an offer and that telling them your current/past salary (or requirements) first is putting yourself in a weaker position. With that in mind, I asked that we delay compensation discussions until they are ready to submit an offer. Her response was not ideal; she said they typically hire on a three-month freelance basis period that offers no benefits. If all goes well, that person is reviewed for a staff position at that time, which has full benefits. Hmph. That, along with the studio being an hour drive in heavy traffic each way, doesn’t get me too hot and bothered. But the pay is likely to be significantly higher than my current gig, since it is in visual effects rather than feature animation. I suppose I’ll wait and see what she comes back with next week. Three months might be just enough time to make some good money while determining if I want to pursue a career in the hectic world of VFX.

I also haven’t heard back from the Executive Producer of that animated film project. That’s a disappointment, as I was getting pretty excited at the idea of that career path. I suppose it’s not too late for her to chose me, so I will maintain a small amount of optimism.

I am also very interested in the Digital Account Specialist positions at the big streaming content provider. Having not heard anything for a week after submitting my info online, I followed up with my contact. He responded the same day, saying that one of those roles has been filled and he will check in with the hiring manager whether additional slots will be opening up. That doesn’t sound terribly promising. I need to keep my eye on their website listings and continue to check in with him periodically, as this company could be great to get in to.

It seems that my name is on a long list of folks being laid off from my studio, as I continue to get small waves of emails from various studios and some of my personal referrals are due to former coworkers seeing my name. A few randoms:

  • VFX studio in Paris looking for people with EU citizenship (which I do not have).
  • VFX studio in Australia looking for coordinators (which I’m pretty certain I don’t want to move across the earth for).
  • VFX studio in Toronto looking for coordinators (again, I want to stay in LA).

There is also a job fair at my studio next Friday, which I plan to attend. There’s a long list of companies that will be in attendance.

Lastly, my salary continuation dries up one week from Tuesday. I’ve emailed HR requesting that it be extended by using about 3 1/2 weeks of my unused vacation (which they said I could do). They are “looking into it”, which makes me nervous. I would like to make it happen so my health insurance extends through the end of March. I’m also still chipping away at my FSA that needs to get used up before my termination date. I’m anxious to confirm that they can make it happen. I’ll post more about the FSA spending spree next week.

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