Job Hunt Week 6 Recap

7029960665_a7fa4b2ab2_zI’ve reached the end of Week 6 of my job hunt – SAY WHAT?! Time sure does fly when you don’t have to show up at an office five days a week.

I’ve made some progress this week maintaining connections and trying to establish a couple of new ones. It started out on Sunday with an email from the Executive Producer I met over a week ago about a freelance coordinator gig. She won’t be hiring anyone just yet, since the VFX house that will make the movie has their own production support in their Santa Monica office, which is where she’ll be working from. Rats! She did say that she will keep me in mind if it the project gets green-lit and that I should stay in touch. I’ll drop her a line in about a month, or when I get a new job. Even if nothing comes out of it immediately, the connect was really great to make! It’s all about who you know in this business.

Later in the week, I heard back from the recruiter at the west side VFX studio looking for a Digital Production Manager. She said they’re very busy right now and assured me that I’ve not been forgotten, which was nice. However, she also said that they’re “still early in the process”, which sounds like they continue to interview candidates. Since I had a couple of connections there, I was hoping to be on some kind of “short list”. Not so confident about that now. I have also been dodging her requests for salary expectations, since the research I’ve done suggests that having the company start with an initial offer is usually the best way to go with negotiations. I think I’ll do a separate post about this; ideally once I land that salary I want and deserve!

In other less exciting news, I sent a follow up email to the recruiter at the big feature animation studio I used to work at. Nothing is posted on their website, but I figured a check-in was due since it had been over a month since I last communicated with her. She’s on vacation until Tuesday (nearly forgot about the long weekend).

Now that I have an official termination date and am facing applying for Unemployment Insurance the first week of March, I thought I should submit for a couple of jobs that have been on my radar for several weeks. Both sound like they are a bit under my experience level, but getting my resume into more places is more potential opportunities, so what the heck!

  • One submission is for coordinator position at an LA studio that specializes in previsualization for big live action features. I have some related experience with this from working in an animation Layout Dept.
  • The other is for a Junior Producer/Coordinator at a VFX studio on the west side that seemingly has a crazy fun artist culture. Their website claims that new employees get whatever pay rate they request – no negotiation at all! How awesome is that (unless there’s some kind of catch)?!

The job fair at my current studio is next Friday (for some reason I thought it was this week. Glad I caught that before heading over with resumes in hand). They’re expecting a big turnout, so I hope lots will come from that event.

Happy Valentines Day! I’ll be sweating my ass off cycling 50 miles across the Palm Springs desert. I know. My idea of fun is strange.

(Image: zlatko)

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