Job Hunt Week 7 Recap

6956435315_18a23f221b_zMost of this week’s job hunt action happened on Friday. Leading up to that, here are a few highlights:

  • Submitted an online application for Community Relations Manager for a film at a big studio. I’m not confident that I’ll get a call back, as I don’t have any Internation Relations experience, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.
  • Connected in LinkedIn with a former coworker who is now in TV animation and inquired about upcoming projects.
  • Connected to a recruiter at a west side game company.
  • Received an email from a Montreal VFX studio asking for an interview, but told them that I am looking for work in LA.
  • Attended a mixer for a professional organization I am a member of. I met a few new people and also caught up with a few ladies from my studio. It sounds like many people are leaving on their own following the mass lay-offs. Yikes.

The big event of the week was the job fair sponsored by my studio. In preparation, I printed about 25 resumes and attached business cards to them. I also reviewed the list of attending companies and checked out the websites of those I wasn’t familiar with. I marked all of the studios with potential work in Los Angeles and made note if I already had some contact with them.

With my folder chock full of resumes, I hit the job fair floor at 10am Friday and visited 11 tables in 2 hours. I followed up with a few places I had interviewed with, reconnected with a couple people I hadn’t seen in years, and hopefully made some good impressions with folks I never met before. I basically gave them a short “elevator pitch” for myself and how my experience could match up with jobs at their studio. Often, they would make notes on my resume and ask a couple of questions. By noon, I was starving and my voice was hoarse, so I headed up to the commissary for lunch.

This job fair was on the campus of my studio, so after lunch I was able to relax and catch up with some friends. At 2pm, the afternoon session was on with a whole new batch of companies! The room was more crowded at this point, but I still managed to visit all 9 tables that I planned to in nearly 3 hours. This was equally as successful and I was pretty exhausted by 5pm, having been talking to recruiters and my fellow laid off employees while standing on my feet in cute boots for most of the day! I was pleased for it to be finished so I could make my way to a friend’s office where we had a small happy hour. When that was done, I caught the end of a baby shower (fortunately they had some food) and I headed home at 6pm.

On Monday and Tuesday, phase 2 of the job fair begins with many follow-up emails, thank yous, and LinkedIn requests to those I met on Friday. I had to take a bunch of notes on my phone during the event to be sure I remembered certain names, companies, or referrals I was given. I also plan to email the former bosses and coworkers who have agreed to act as my professional references. I haven’t needed to supply them to any companies yet, but I think it’s a good idea to let them know what’s happening since it’s been a couple of months since they kindly agreed to it.

I also need to finish up my FSA spending next week (got a dentist appointment on Tuesday) since my termination date is Sunday, 3/1. I’m also going to try to visit the Endeavor Space Shuttle at the CA Science Center one day mid-week. Should be cool!

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