Job Hunt Week 8 Recap

1971994532_cb4bcb74bf_zTomorrow finally brings my termination day at my job of nearly eight years. It’s a little bittersweet, although I’m not one to get very sentimental about such things. It was a good job with so many awesome people, but at the end of the day, it is a business and I’m there to make money. It’s time for me to move on to a new chapter in my life.

I am enjoying these weekly recaps of my search; it’s nice to reflect on the events of the week and am often surprised at all of the opportunities that are finding me.

The most significant prospect came via Facebook message from a friend of a friend who’s been in the film industry a long time. She works at a west side studio that provides post-production services to film, television, and commercials. They’re looking for a Digital Producer and she thought of me; she’s good friends with one of the Producers who interviewed me at the VFX studio last month and heard I was still available. Oh how people talk! I think the interview on Friday went well. It will be a challenging gig and I was glad to hear them acknowledge the need for a couple months of ramp up, rather than just dropping me in to “sink or swim”. I should hear next week if I make it to the next interview with the VP.

Of all the places to get a job lead, a 1-year-old’s birthday party is far down on my list. However, that’s exactly what happened last weekend! Several current and former coworkers were in attendance and there was a lot of talk about the trouble our studio is in and the state of business overall. One woman there who I used to work with is now the Production Manager of a completely outsourced animated feature. We set up time for lunch during the week so we could catch up and she could show me their facility in the valley. The visit was fun and I got to briefly meet the owners of the studio (a married couple). It sounds like there is no immediate need for another production person, but I will send her my resume to keep on hand just in case.

Another follow up from that party was a potential opportunity to manage the back-end departments of an animated feature. This film is a first-time endeavor into animation by a popular actor that I really like, so my interest is piqued. However, I’m told it would require moving to Vancouver for a year. Hmmm. This is something I would consider. If I were to move anywhere, Vancouver seems more doable; I think because it’s still on the west coast, is super close to Seattle (which seems like a cool city), and I know a couple of people who have already moved up there for work. Naturally, I would have to think long and hard about this. But I still haven’t even connected with the Producer yet! I will get her contact info from friends next week and follow up to see if it’s something I want to pursue.

I’m also following up on a few small leads that spawned from the job fair and two lunches set up for next week with coworker friends that have moved on to other places. Those could pan out to something…


Lastly, I had a fun outing on Thursday to the California Science Center. A fellow unemployed friend joined me in taking the Metro to Exposition Park for an IMAX 3D movie surrounded by hundreds of goofy school kids reaching for everything that moved on screen. I’m fairly certain I had a nightmare about being in that exact situation once! This was followed by a jaunt around the museum and a visit to the space shuttle Endeavor. Pretty cool!


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