Job Hunt Week 9 Recap

2313091900_9a162d3a05_zThe ninth week of my job hunt extravaganza started with my foray into the world of California Unemployment Insurance! What could be more exciting than that?! Well, the dental work I had last week is giving it a run for its money.  But seriously, it was fairly easy to fill out the online forms and hit submit. Now, I wait until I receive mail notification that I am approved. I hear that there will also be a phone interview. Let’s see how all of this goes.

In more interesting news, I had lunch with an old friend and colleague on Tuesday. She is producing TV animation and has passed my resume on to her boss (although there are no current openings). The facility is two blocks from my front door, so that commute would truly blow my mind!! It’s too short to even bother cycling. I would have no choice but to walk, which is so cool. I also might get together with her and her husband in the coming weeks to help them get a website started. I’m no expert, but I’ve built three simple sites now and would be happy to point them in the right direction over a bottle of wine.

But way more exciting than that lovely lunch was a call with the Co-Producer of the animated feature being produced in Vancouver. She and I have many mutual friends through my former studio and I’m sure a few of them already put in a good word about me. However, one cannot count on the generosity of their pals when seeking a new, fabulous job, so I tried my best to give a solid interview. She painted a positive picture about the creative leadership of the film and the good working atmosphere that’s already in place. So nice to hear. The position would be more in the back-end departments of the film, which is where I wanted to go next at my last job but couldn’t make it happen before getting the axe.

I’m expecting a call from her this coming week to set up a Skype call with the Line Producer up in Vancouver, who would be my boss. I’ve never used Skype, so I need to do a little research on that this afternoon! It’s used heavily between LA and Vancouver on this film.  If all goes well, I will be flown up there to meet the team and then move ASAP. Yikes! I’ll do another post later this week on my thoughts about moving to Canada. It’s starting to sound really exciting!

Lastly, I followed up via email with the post-production studio I interviewed with two weeks ago. His reply was slightly odd, saying they’re in an “exploratory stage with some of the personnel movement going on”. I don’t like the sound of that. Makes me think that they may no longer need to fill the position externally. I’ll give him a couple of weeks before inquiring again. I also need to follow up with the VFX studio I interviewed with over a month ago. Last the recruiter told me, they might staff the job in mid to late March, which is nearly here!

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