Living with less waste – Reusable tissue

IMG_4055I spent a wee bit of time on Saturday afternoon preparing for a new method of reducing my household waste.  I’m making my own bathroom tissues! Don’t worry, I’m not talking TP. Just a jar of tissue-sized cotton scraps that I can use to blow my nose, remove make-up, etc.

Right now, I buy disposable facial tissues and use at least one a day. Making the switch to cloth napkins and towels has been pain-free, so I figured this is a good next step to tackle. For any of you skeptics out there, Kleenex has only been around since 1924. For hundreds of years before that, people used cloth handkerchiefs and did just fine. A little snot isn’t going to gross this girl out!

My inspiration comes from a YouTube video sharing ideas for a zero waste bathroom. The whole project took less than an hour. I was already preparing a new bag of clothes for donation and realized that I had two cotton tank tops that would work perfectly. With my quality fabric scissors, I cut them up into squares slightly smaller than the standard facial tissue size.  Both tops gave me 14 squares. I figure that’s enough to test out whether reusable tissue is something I want to jump whole heartedly into.

I already had a mason jar that I’d picked up second-hand a few months back. I stuffed them inside and it now sits on my master bathroom counter! Stupid easy.

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