May the financial break-down begin!

FI0017I’ve spent the last week contemplating how to show my financial information without sharing too many personal details. I realize that the whole point of this blog is to do just that! However, I appreciate my privacy and have much hesitation in spilling all of my personal secrets out for the world to see. Perhaps as I get ramped up, my feelings will change on this, but for now I’m going to play it conservatively. I hope you understand.

The simplest way to gather my current snapshot is with the help of Personal Capital. This is a great site to view all of my accounts in one place. I like the “Net Worth” overview page in particular; this is where I will pull my investment status from for my monthly blog updates.

So without further ado, here is the current breakdown as of today (rounded to the nearest dollar):

  • Fidelity 401k (current employer) – $84,320
  • Vanguard IRA (rolled over 403b from former employer) – $12,038
  • Vanguard Roth IRA – $9,034
  • Shareholder Account (ESPP from former employer) – $3,053
  • Betterment savings account (long term emergency fund) – $7,130
  • Capital One 360 savings account (short term emergency fund) – $6,303

TOTAL – $121,878

Not too shabby! Although I think that I should be in a better position at 40 years old, especially if I want to even consider retiring before 65. In my first post, I didn’t include the Capital One account in my total, which is why it was a bit lower at $115,000.

In my next several posts, I will visit each of these accounts to discuss why I have them and what investments they hold. Exciting stuff, I know!

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