Monthly Savings Update – August 2015

Wow! Home values continue to rise quickly in Southern California. While this is great for my net worth (which received another bump this month), I sure hope we’re not on track for a real estate bubble repeat. I will start including my home’s “zestimate” in these updates so I can track it more clearly from month to month. Monthly_08_02_15

All accounts are on their usual, steady course thanks to my automatic contributions. I had to do a little housekeeping this month in my old 401k. Turns out that I rolled it over into my IRA a wee bit prematurely and I had about $25 sitting in the account for a few months. Well, I wasn’t about to let that just sit there, so I did another roll-over to Vanguard! It only took one phone call, receiving a check in the mail, then throwing it back in the mail. Not too difficult or time-consuming.

Home value: $380,810

Current net worth: $295,203

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