Monthly Savings Update – July 2015

There’s been some stock market volatility in the last week, so investments are down a bit. But my 401k is going strong with my 18.75% contributions and employer match!


My net worth update is pretty darn good – up about $9,000 in one month due to an increase in my condo value (I use Zillow’s “Zestimate”, which automatically updates to my Personal Capital dashboard). Los Angeles area home prices have been steadily increasing for the last couple of years. Last month, another condo in my building with the same floor plan received six offers the first week on the market and sold for just under $400,000. Wow!

Current Net Worth: $281,432

2 thoughts on “Monthly Savings Update – July 2015

  1. Thanks Alexander! It’s a nice boost, even though I have no intention to sell the place – love it too much!

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