Monthly Savings Update – March 2015

This is my first “Monthies” post! I’ve created a separate page here to share my savings updates at the beginning of every month. I sure hope that once I get a new job, I’ll be able to continue this frequency, but I may need to change it to “Quarterlies”. Reviewing all of this monthly might be obsessing about my money a wee bit too much (even for me)!

I get this number by tracking my total savings and include all of my accounts except for primary checking. I do not include the value of my condo or my mortgage balance. If I decide to start tracking this as my net worth, I think I should include those things. But for now, this is how I’m doing it!


Looks like I’m up by nearly $6,000, which is great. A few notes:

  • My work 401k is still at 4% to get the full 2% match. Those contributions end as of March 1st, so that account will stall until I move it. My thoughts are to transfer it to my Vanguard IRA, but I want to wait a few weeks once the dust settles.
  • My Capital One 360 is down because I paid my property taxes in February. I am also transferring some of that into Betterment to get me past the $10,000 mark, which will reduce my fees from “Builder” at 0.35% to “Better” at 0.25%.
  • I received a big tax refund this year of $5,000! I transferred $2,000 to Betterment and the rest is still in my checking account. Once I receive my vacation pay-out from work, I’ll decide where funds need to go.
  • I apply for unemployment benefits this week, so regular savings transfers from my paychecks will be stopped. I expect Monthlies to grow more slowly until I get a new job.

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