Monthly Savings Update – November 2015

My investment accounts continue to recover from the August dip. I’m still toying around with my 401k contribution amount. I bumped it back up to 10% this month. As expected, the discipline needed to manually transfer the funds that would’ve gone to my 401k into my Roth-IRA or Betterment accounts has alluded me. Increasing the amounts of my automatic transfers will surely help; I need to sit down and figure that out.

A big expense this month was half of my annual property tax bill. I paid it with extra money from my checking account (during my 6% 401k contribution period), rather than transferring from savings.

My 401k is in the process of changing from Prudential to Fidelity, so I can’t access it for a week or two (contributions continue during that time). My current investment choices are all still available with Fidelity, but I’ll be taking another look once the transition is complete to see if I’ve got better options in the new plan.


Home value: $391,397 (no change)

Current net worth: $309,022

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