Monthly Savings Update – October 2015

Despite the fact that my investment accounts have taken a dip over the past two months, I’m pleased to see that my net worth has reached a milestone. My condo appreciation has helped nudge me over the $300,000 mark!

I’ve reduced my 401k contributions to 6% so I can put more in post-tax accounts (keeping it accessible before I turn 70). This leaves my checking account balance higher than usual right now. I’ll move that money  to either my Roth IRA or Betterment. Also, my car needed $1,200 worth of maintenance, so it may go to that. It’s a bummer, but I need my 7-year old car to last a long time here in LA!


Home value: $391,742 (up $3,800 from last month)

Current net worth: $302,221

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