When life gives you lemons (part 1)

12531087175_e338c78014_zJust when I thought I was all settled in to sit back and watch my accounts grow to half a million over the coming ten years (well, I know it’s not that simple, but bear with me), I get laid off from my job!

I have to say that this is not a complete surprise. My studio has been struggling financially and creatively over the past year or two and has been laying people off over that time as work diminished (or got sent overseas). Back in October, a new schedule was published that placed most of the work of the department I supervise to India and I was advised to start looking for another department or project to jump on. Within two weeks of that, we had a screening for executives which resulted in production being stopped on the film so that the story and characters could be heavily revised. That was a pretty significant announcement that placed the approximately fifty people working on the film to be temporarily out of work. Yikes!

At that point in time, I was told that I would be on that film’s payroll until the end of the year or until I was cast to another project. The problem was that there weren’t enough films to carry all of the staff. My studio has struggled to put out a truly amazing story with characters that kids and adults really care about. Box office numbers of our films are generally just average and failing to meet industry expectations. There were only two positions that I was to be considered for; I had the internal interviews, but was also beefing up my resume and Linked In profile all the while.

A 15-minute meeting popped up on my calendar on a Thursday in late December. That was when they told me the news: there is no work for me in the new year. Rats! I was initially sad and spent the rest of the day in a bit of shock. But to my surprise, I woke up on Friday morning feeling good. The wondering is over – I can now move on with my life and find an even better gig!

To be continued…

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