When life gives you lemons (part 2)

14150621948_bfa92f28ac_zIn my previous post, I shared the news that my nearly 8-year stint with my current employer is coming to an end. Obviously, this will have a huge impact on my life as a whole and my finances in particular. I’m not too panicked yet; if you read this blog, you’ll know that I have an emergency fund in place that will get me by for a few months (although I’m counting on not touching it). At my “layoff meeting”, I was offered two months of salary continuation, which allows me to maintain all of my benefits, with health insurance and 401K being the most important to me. That has me covered into mid-February. In addition, I have three weeks of vacation accrued, which I can use to extend my salary and benefits, taking me into early March (with health insurance ending at the end of whatever month my employment terminates). My goal is to have a fabulous new job by February and take that unused vacation as a payment.

Another positive to this situation is that I have two studio recruiters helping me out in my job search. They send me weekly emails with all relevant job postings and are sending my resume to other LA studios with notification that I’m available for work. This makes me feel hopeful that my hunt will be brief and successful!

With that said, I’m also tightening my purse strings in the meantime (which I’ll post about soon). For these last two months, I’ve decided to reduce my 401K contribution from 12% to 4%, which still gets me the full employer match. I think this temporary change won’t harm my progress too much, as long as I jump back into my new employer 401K as soon as I get hired on somewhere.

I hadn’t jumped completely into my job search over the holidays. I did submit a resume for one local position at a major studio, but since many places are closed for these two weeks, I’ve refrained from the full-time pursuit until today. Everyone should now be back to work with a fresh new 2015 operating budget and looking to hire someone as amazing as me!

The hunt is my first priority, of course. I’ll also be keeping myself busy by catching up on (mostly free) movies, cycling, running, learning Spanish, writing this blog, listening to audio books, and just about anything else I can think of that doesn’t cost much money!

(Image: Carissa Rogers)

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